The Importance of Prevailing Wage

Prevailing Wage is one of the reasons why Union Life, the pension, benefits and wages are sought after. Our wages, negotiated every three years in our Heavy Highway Construction Contract, is what the State and Federal Government recognizes as prevailing wage. Our right to make a decent wage, our right to have benefits and our right to obtain a good pension is under attack in the State of Ohio House of Representatives.

As of right now, the conservative republicans in the State House are two votes shy of repealing Prevailing Wage Law in the State of Ohio. Local 639 members and the members of every Union in the State of Ohio need to realize that if this happens, your wages could be dramatically cut and would seriously affect your standard of living.

Not all republicans are against Working Families on the Prevailing Wage Issue, we do have some republican friends that are helping with this fight and we appreciate all of their efforts, however, our members must realize that these politicians that Local 639 endorses are Pro-Union and  will not vote against Prevailing Wage. It is imperative that our Union members recognize their responsibility to their families and the working families across the State of Ohio, and continue to elect Union friendly politicians.

This issue goes way beyond Unions, it is a moral issue, a family issue, and an ethical issue. Support decent wages, benefits, and pensions; read your Union mail and have faith in your Union Officials to steer you in the right direction. Our highest priority is the quality of life we have fought so long to maintain and improve. We are here fighting for our jobs and our way of life. Make sure everyone does their part.